World Breastfeeding Week Roundup

Creative Commons License photo credit: Alexander Tundakov

As World Breastfeeding Week draws to a close, I thought I would list some of the cool blog posts I’ve read this week, as well as share some of the posts published by yours truly on the subject.

Amy at CrunchyDomesticGoddess is hosting a giveaway and has some fantastic tips on supporting breastfeeding mothers.

My thoughts on (and personal experience with) cross nursing.

Interview with breastfeeding expert Amy Spangler, author of several books on breastfeeding.

This week a mom was asked to leave McDonalds for discreetly nursing her 4 month old.

My personal experiences with tandem nursing and nursing through pregnancy

Tiffany Washko says breastfeeding is green! How exactly does breastfeeding help the environment?

Feeling tied to the nursing chair – does breastfeeding take too much time?

What to do about sleepy breastfed newborns and slow weight gain

Breastfeeding and yeast infection – taming the yeast beast

Interview with Kristen Chase of League of Maternal Justice on the Facebook and YouTube debacle

Breastfeeding not nitpicking – thoughts on being a “real” breastfeeder

Doctors who still proffer bad mastitis advice like this

Interview transcript with Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, on breastfeeding and depression

Wow – there are tons more articles on breastfeeding here on this blog. Enjoy reading :-)

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One Response to World Breastfeeding Week Roundup

  1. I’m really looking forward to it this time around. I’ll be getting hands on help as much as I need it to ensure this time will be a success.

    :–) Nell

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