You Know It’s Your Third Trimester When…

Top Ten Ways You Know It’s Your Third Trimester

  1. Whilst attempting to put on or take off shoes, you sound like Bill Cosby’s description of a man with a potbelly doing same. (fast forward to 4:54 – Mashiiiiing!)
  2. You haven’t seen your feet in some time. (Which may be a blessing. Who would actually want to look at their swollen ankles?)
  3. The belly button has popped. Ting! You’re done!
  4. Your body makes odd noises you cannot control. You have newfound gas expelling talents.
  5. Your belly is finally sticking out past your monstrously large prego boobs.
  6. You would rather stay home than face the horrible discomfort known as wearing a bra.
  7. You’re not comfortable standing. Or sitting. Or lying down. (You visit the pool a lot.)
  8. While doing a dead man’s float in said pool, your oldest son says your belly looks like an island, and can he put his diving rings on them for a minute?
  9. You drop $30 on the contraption known as a “maternity support belt” to help you haul around your belly.
  10. You start counting backwards to make yourself feel better. Just 10-12 more weeks to go! Yippee!

Creative Commons License photo credit: spaceodissey

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5 Responses to You Know It’s Your Third Trimester When…

  1. oh amanda says:

    Oh, I remember those days! Not sure if I wanna do it again…

    Hang in there!!

  2. Alicia says:

    WELL do I remember! Uuuuuuggggg! Thank God the end is in sight at this point. :)

  3. Mary-Carolyn says:

    Ugh. So glad I’m not the only one who can’t wait to get home to take off her bra. I thought this was a phenomena known only to my ribs.

    My belly button hasn’t popped yet, just kind of folded in on itself. That’s good for my husband though, since he apparently thinks outies are creepy.

    Good luck with the last bit of your pregnancy!

  4. amber says:

    here I am getting baby fever and you remind me how badly it stinks…I hope those last 12 weeks fly!

  5. Candi says:

    I was getting baby fever too, thanks for the reminders :)

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