You Might Be The Baby In a Large Family


photo credit: Valocity StudiosCreative Commons License

(By the way, this isn’t my family. This is just a nice looking family I found by searching stock photos.)

You Might Be The Baby In a Large Family If…

  • If your wardrobe is monstrously huge (so huge that mom just throws away pieces that get stained instead of bothering with stain removal), but not one piece of it new, you might be the baby in a large family.
  • And if you have several Rubbermaid containers full of clothing in the basement to grow into.
  • If you say your first word at one week of age (both my youngest baby and my youngest nephew said their first words, clear as a bell, as tiny newborns).
  • If you have several people lined up first thing in the morning asking if they can be first to hold you.
  • If you have no baby book or scrapbook, and all the pics snapped of you were taken by grandparents or older siblings, you might be the baby in a large family.
  • If your mom never bothered to show up for her 6 week postpartum checkup.
  • If you can’t fall asleep when it’s too quiet.
  • If your every spit up, fart and poop happen before an audience of spectators (with accompanying commentary).
  • If your Mom was at Home Depot, the grocery store, or IKEA while in labor just minutes before you were born.
  • If the midwife barely made it to your birth.
  • If 3 or more siblings help you get strapped into your car seat.
  • If all your cloth diapers are stained. Before you started wearing them.
  • If the question of “Who gets to cut the cord?” requires a family meeting.
  • If Mom can’t remember your name most of the time (or calls you by your sister’s name(s).
  • If your Mom wouldn’t let anyone throw her a baby shower.
  • If your older siblings could lead a breastfeeding education meeting.
  • If your arrival meant that your parents had to buy a larger vehicle.
  • If your Mom did nothing but lie about and hold you until you were two weeks old because your older siblings did the cooking, cleaning and laundry.
  • And finally, if you’re 10 weeks old and your Mom still hasn’t gotten around to giving you your first bath, you might be the baby in a large family.
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  1. So cute! Don’t know how I missed this one!

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