Several times a day, I look at my laptop longingly.

I have many things running through my head and I’m a little anxious because I need to write.

It’s just that there’s math to check and grammar to do and history to read and Ruby’s butt needs wiping (3 days peeing and pooping in the potty! YES!) and lately it’s hard to even get dinner on the table.

And there is this little tiny person who needs to eat every 20 minutes and who, when I get her situated, clutches at my breast and hair and shirt with her little fists as if to say, Mommy, this is so good please don’t stop.

So the laptop gathers dust.

And there are a lot of things going on right now that make me stressed. Like health stuff and I’m having to make a lot of phone calls and do a lot of research which stresses me out.

Here are a few things, rather unrelated, that I want to tell you. A kind of bloggy brain dump, if you will.

How To Maximize Your Chocolate

I’m not against a little bribery/positive reinforcement when establishing a new important habit. (For instance, when potty training a 2 year old.) After all, it works with dolphins. But since Ruby isn’t big on raw fish thrown into her mouth, she gets 2 chocolate chips when she goes in the potty (3 days, only 1 accident). Like a smart girl, she has figured out how to maximize the chocolate. It goes like this:

Sit on the potty. Proceed to initiate bowel movement. Pinch off a teensy turd. Everybody cheers and hands you chocolate.

~5 minutes later~

Sit on the potty. Proceed to re-initiate bowel movement. Pinch off tiny turd. Get more chocolate.

Like I said, she’s a smart one.

Ok honey, I’ll stop talking about it if it embarrasses you.

My New Old Blog

I recently resurrected a blog I used to write on quite faithfully. When I launched it, I mostly talked about work at home mom and internet marketing. But since I’m not interested in writing about those topics anymore (but there is much I do want to say that has nothing to do with natural parenting), I decided to rename and redesign it.

The design is still a little wonky and I’m working on that, but I would be much obliged if you took a look anyway and added me to your RSS reader.

My first post was a review of blogger Anne at Modern Mrs Darcy’s ebook, Work Shift. Then I wrote about how to eat like a French woman.

Solo Masterminds Special

I’ve mentioned Solo Masterminds (formerly Mom Masterminds) a few times on this blog. Right now Kelly is offering a special discount price for new members, as well as a monthly payment option (for a limited time). Solo Masterminds was a huge help for me when I began my online business several years ago, and I was one of the first members.

I still go to the forum when I need help with some aspect of blogging or marketing and am always pleased to have a place to get expert advice without spending tons of time searching. The resources there (designed for people who want to earn money from their blog or website) are worth thousands of dollars.

Join Solo Masterminds

That’s it for now. :-)

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