Natural Moms Podcast #82

May 20, 2008

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Goods for Girls
My first guest this week is the Crunchy Chicken herself, Deanna Duke. Deanna started a project called Goods 4 Girls that provides cloth menstrual pads to African schoolgirls.

Many of these girls are forced to miss school during their periods. Another well known organization is donating disposable pads to them but that brings its own problems - for one, it’s difficult to dispose of these safely, and there are some health issues associated with that too.

I was really impressed with what Deanna was doing so I asked her to tell us more about it on the show so that you can get involved in supporting her organization. You can help Deanna in her efforts by sending a paypal cash donation, buying cloth pads to mail her or sewing pads of your own design and sending them her way.

After we hear from Deanna, we’ll listen to my guest host Elizabeth Ashe as she interviews Shazi Visram of, a company dedicated to providing the highest quality fresh organic food for your baby.

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