Free Printables

All of the following printables and checklists are available for FREE to my readers. Each one was created in Microsoft Word and is also available in .pdf. Once you download them you can then edit them if you choose so they suit your family.


What’s included in these free printable downloads:

Free Printables Pack #1: Family Checklists

  • Printable Monthly Calendar
  • Daily Schedule (half hour increments)
  • Daily Reminders (with sections for family member’s names)
  • Daily Chores List (also room for names)
  • Chores for Commissions List (payment offered for specific tasks)
  • Outstanding Behavior (catch your kid being good and acknowledge them here)
  • Expectations and Responsibilities for the Family (chart that lists your family rules)
  • List of Personal Hygiene Tasks (remind kids to take care of themselves)

To download: Family Checklists (.doc) or Family Checklists (.pdf)
(Right click to save to your computer. Both can be edited for your personal use!)

Free Printables Pack #2: Personal Finance

  • Checking Account Register (way more space than the one in your checkbook!)
  • Expenses Worksheet (helping you create a budget)
  • Debt Worksheet (helping you get out of debt for good!)
  • Savings Worksheet (meet your savings goals)
  • Bank/Bank Card Information (in case you lose your debit card, peace of mind)
  • Bills and Expenses A (keep track of where your money goes and to whom)
  • Bills and Expenses B (keep up with your usernames and login info)
  • Budget Worksheet (tell your money where to go, control it so it doesn’t control you)
  • Charitable Donation List (give, but don’t forget the tax deduction)

To download:  Finance Checklists (.doc) or Finance Checklists (.pdf)(Right click to save to your computer.)

Free Printables Pack #3: Kids Chores Checklists

  • Responsibility List: Toddler (chores listed are appropriate for each age group)
  • Responsibility List: Preschooler
  • Responsibility List: Big Kids
  • Responsibility List: Tweens
  • Responsibility List: Teens
  • Weekly Responsibility List (for multiple kids, list all in one place)
  • Blank Weekly Responsibility Chart (fill in with your own data)

Keep in mind that ALL of the checklists can be edited. Once you download them, open them and edit so they work for your family!

To download: Kids Chores Checklists (.doc) or Kids Chores Checklists (.pdf)

(Right click to save to your computer.)


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