Fuzzi Bunz Review

Description: Fuzzi Bunz are a “pocket” diaper which means they consist of a waterproof outer and have a pocket which holds a highly absorbent removable liner (usually microfiber, which is very thin but super absorbent). They close with plastic snaps which means no messy velcro that picks up lint in the dryer.

Review: Fuzzi Bunz are by far my very favorite cloth diapers. After several years of trying different cloth diaper systems, and liking most of them, I discovered Fuzzi Bunz and got rid of all my other cloth diapers.

I found that FBs are trimmer than most cloth diapers and also more absorbent. Because the absorbent inner is located inside the pocket, the wetness goes through the liner and gets absorbed by the microfiber, meaning that baby doesn’t feel wet against her skin. Yet because they consist of two parts, they wash and dry more quickly than other all in one diapers.

When I took my daughter to the Pediatrician for the first time, he admired her Fuzzi Bunz and made the comment that he wished more parents used them. He referred to the research on the link between asthma and disposable diapers and noted that her skin was totally rash free. fuzzi bunz

Fuzzi Bunz are available in a variety of cute colors. I also love that they don’t have velcro. Velcro gathers lint in the wash and is a pain to clean out. Velcro also tends to wear out over time, but I’ve never had a snap fall off or malfunction on a Fuzzi Bunz.

I only give them a 9 because they are quite pricey. But Fuzzi Bunz can be used for more than one child and are high quality. They can be resold on eBay for a dollar or two less than retail, even if they are used. You can purchase Fuzzi Bunz online at a variety of websites, including Amazon.com.

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