Organic Baby Book Review

Organic Baby is an essential guide for pregnant and new Moms who want to ensure their baby’s optimal physical health and well being.

organic baby book reviewThe author, Kimberly Rider, is an interior designer who also penned The Healthy Home Workbook. She offers dozens of non-toxic and environmentally friendly solutions for families in her books, that also won’t break the family budget.

Organic Baby is a mom friendly book that is organized almost like a cookbook. It has a heavy duty cover and the pages are spiral bound for easy flipping and reading (you could also wipe them easily if they are spit up on!). Here are some of the topics covered in Organic Baby:

  • Choosing a safe sleeping arrangement for baby
  • How to decorate without jeopardizing baby’s health
  • New easy to use cloth diaper options
  • Organic cotton and wool for baby’s clothing
  • Tips on cleaning with non toxic products
  • Tips on feeding baby’s first foods
  • Talking with family who may not agree with your choices

You can get Organic Baby: Simple Steps for Healthy Living here.

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