Regan’s Twins Home Birth Story

I was thrilled as my twin pregnancy progressed that all the ultrasounds showed healthy, growing girls…

twins home birthI hit 37 weeks and my blood pressure started to rise so we decided to break my waters the next day and help the girls decide to arrive.

I had my concerns about starting labor, but I had read that 36-38 weeks gestation is prime-time for twins because the placenta tends to grow older faster.

So I consented to my midwife’s suggestion especially as she reminded me that this was not my first birth and my body would likely know what to do.

Sure enough, within three hours Karina made her entrance (exit?) and rested calmly on my bare chest while Esther tried to kick her way out. I hadn’t pushed at all to help Karina, but Esther needed a small effort on my part since her head was the last thing to come out. Her heartbeat was back to normal in no time and she yelled at the midwife to quit rubbing her down!

I felt so lucky to have such a healthy happy birth of TWO babies — at HOME!!!
Regan Barnes

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