5 Green Housekeeping Tips

Green Housekeeping

The air inside our homes is far dirtier than the air outside, according to experts. Why is this? Usually it’s because of the housekeeping products we use.

In order to protect the health of our loved ones who breathe indoor air as well as the long term health of our planet, here are 5 quick green housekeeping tips anyone can implement to make their home healthier and less toxic.

1) Green laundry

According to Malcolm Rands, founder of EcoStore, switching to a safer, natural laundry detergent or soap is probably the most important first change to make to green your home. Why? Because most of us wear clothes 24 hours a day. Much of what our skin rubs up against will end up in our blood stream. Find biodegradable detergents with plant based ingredients. These are available online and in major health food stores. Read reviews of green housekeeping products here. day 227 - hung to dry

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2) Clean green

If you do a little digging, you can find recipes that utilize such basic ingredients as vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and olive oil for most of your cleaning projects. Not the type to make your own? That’s fine. There are many effective non-toxic cleaning products on the market. If you wouldn’t drink it, you shouldn’t use it for cleaning.

3) Pest smart

One of the most toxic offenders are pesticides. Pesticides are linked with a variety of health problems including fertility issues, breathing difficulties, leukemia and other cancers. You can purchase products (such as boric acid) that are safer for use in your home and are quite effective against pets. Some herbs and spices also repel various creepy crawlies.

4) Buy new? I think not

Obtaining most of your furnishings used can go a long way towards keeping formaldehyde and other toxins from offgassing into your home. Not only will you save money, you’ll also keep great stuff from hitting the landfill. Check out ebay and craigslist next time you need a piece of furniture.

5) When In Doubt, Air it Out

While sealing up your home may make it more energy efficient, it also has the effect of trapping in pollutants. Make it a point to open doors and windows whenever possible. Spend some time outdoors every day. Avoid the use of “air fresheners” and even scented candles since they are full of known toxins. Airing out your home and using items like baking soda, lemons, essential oils properly diluted, and herbs and spices will clean your air safely.

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