A Craft Project Even I Could Tackle

I am NOT the crafty type.

But, even I could probably handle one of these no sew fleece blankets projects. My 3 year old got one of these at her baby shower. I didn’t even know it was homemade. I thought my friend bought it like that.

You can see that my 5 year old, pictured above, complete with bedhead, quickly absconded it.

I don’t think 3 year old even knows it was intended for her.

It’s super soft and cuddly. All it takes is two fleece blankets and a sharp pair of scissors. And the instructions posted at the link above.

Might make a great present for another happy toothless grinner. :)

NaBloPoMo #11

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One Response to A Craft Project Even I Could Tackle

  1. April says:

    I’m not at all crafty either except for making bracelets. But we used that knotted fleece technique to make pillows for Ava’s Webkinz and some other stuffed animals. It was so easy and VERY inexpensive. Its just like the blankets only smaller and with some of that bedding material stuffed in them.

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